Prosperity Coalition to undergo a transformation in August!

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Mon, 2014-06-16 11:50

A message from Michigan League for Public Policy President & CEO, Gilda Z. Jacobs

Since the inception of the Prosperity Coalition in April 2012, together we’ve managed to coordinate advocacy across hundreds of organizations and influence policies that promote greater economic opportunities regardless of zip code, skin color or income status. And we’ve only scratched the surface! Now it’s time to build on the current work and move forward. The Michigan League for Public Policy (The League), the founder of The Prosperity Coalition, will now take over the lead in the coalition efforts.  

As it’s been said: “Innovation is taking two things that already exist and putting them together in a new way.” I didn’t coin the phrase, but I love the sentiment, simply because it embodies all that, together as a coalition, we’ve accomplished and have to look forward to. Members of the Prosperity Coalition will now join the thousands of League partners in our efforts to impact sound public policy for all Michiganians. These efforts will continue to include resource sharing, webinars, convening members and other capacity building activities. Most importantly, the League will ensure that racial equity is embedded in all of our new efforts and advocacy work.

Coalition partners have exchanged ideas with other members about how to talk about race and government, spent time interacting with national thought leaders such as Maya Wiley, former CEO and Founder of the Center for Social Inclusion; New York University Professor and Sociologist Pedro Noguera and Broderick Johnson, Assistant to the President and White House Cabinet Secretary, about how to influence policy in a way that best reflects the interests of all of Michigan’s children and families. Many have joined webinars on Medicaid expansion, Unemployment Insurance or the intricacies of the state budget. Regardless of the nature of each member's role, their involvement is invaluable. 

I can’t stress enough the magnitude of each member's influence and the ideas that will continue to develop as a result of this new change! Thank you for bringing us this far! As Michigan League for Public Policy partners, members will continue to impact policies that reflect the values we all hold dear.

The official “change” will take place the end of August and the following League staffers will be available to help you: 

Judy Putnam, Communications Director,

Karen Holcomb-Merrill, Policy Director,

Renell Weathers, Outreach Director,

Jane Zehnder-Merrell, Kids Count Director,

They can all be reached through the League main telephone line, 517-487-5436.

Finally, I want to thank Danielle Smith for her incredible hard work, vision, and leadership in building the coalition.  Under her direction, the Prosperity Coalition grew, flourished, and armed our partners with information and advocacy tools. We are so appreciative of her work and wish her well as we transition the Prosperity Coalition. We all look forward to strengthening and building upon our successes and hard work.  Have a great summer!